Cyber Security

At Venture PR and Marketing we offer a full range of Public Relation services all custom designed to enhance and grow your business.

Cyber Security is everyone’s responsibility

Our specialist cyber security division Venture Cyber Security provides services that form an integral part of an organisations infrastructure and can help secure your organisation or company against a cyber attack. These attacks on business networks increased by an alarming 62% in 2014.

Where we can help


Worried about your security?

We conduct a Cyber audit of your systems and solutions and provide an in-depth analysis of where your issues are.


What is Penetration testing, or PEN-TESTING?

Our pen-test experts will conduct full penetration testing of your infrastructure as any attacker would, and from the information gathered, would help us determine a plan to reduce your security risk throughout your organisation.


Got a plan? Need a plan?

If you already have a plan in place, we can review your current level, and where required provide additional information on how to stay compliant with the latest cyber attack information.


Removing the risk

OThis is a key part of our services, which provide the back-bone of how we plan to secure your business against cyber attacks.


Audits provide valuable insights

We conduct regular audits and provide consultancy services to help you in your cyber defences.


Risks are for loosers

Every element of your organisation requires a risk management strategy and a plan of how to deal with each level or risk.


Providing you with the skills

One area often overlooked is the employee. We have top level training courses to both train and audit the cyber awareness of your employees and ensure they are kept up to date with how they can do their part to protect the business.

Plans and Pricing

Please review our plan pricing models and sign up for the plan that best meets your needs.

If there is not a plan to your liking, please contact us where we can put together a bespoke pricing plan.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The staff at Venture PR and Marketing have an unusual ability to see the big picture without losing sight of all the details needed to deliver the required results. They willingly accepts challenging assignments then pursues them relentlessly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants more from a PR company than just a couple of column inches in the local press.

Mike Tombs

TLS Business Services

Venture PR & Marketing was a valuable asset to our PR and Marketing campaigns.  Their knowledge of how journalism works and what will be picked up in the press was second to none and we are very happy with their work to date

Stephen Haws

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd

Marketry commissioned Venture PR and Marketing to write several case studies for our company and we were thrilled with the results, we have gained four new clients on the basis of them. Thank you so much.

Emma Flacke

Marketry Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

We have an initial consultation, where fact finding is conducted to see what your issues and goals are. From this we can put together a plan of action of how we would move forward to achieve them.

We take every contract on its merits. If your plan involves a lot of development work over along period of time, we are able to break down the costs to make it easier on your budget.

We are based in Worcester, but we are able to cover other areas of the country such as London or Birmingham for example. This would be included in any costings model we would quote.

We understand that once we start working with you on your project, there is an element of dynamic development, and we are able to upgrade, add and re-prioritise work as required during the project.

We understand that once we start working with you on your project, there is an element of dynamic development, and we are able to upgrade, add and re-prioritise work as required during the project.

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